New Additions to the Anime Bayou and an Update on “His and Her Circumstances”

You can keep your sparkly, pretty boy “Twilight” vampires; I prefer my bloodsuckers kawaii and with cat ears! Yes, the newest addition to “The Cajun Samurai” anime bayou is none other than “Moonphase: The Complete Collection”, nabbed from FYE for all of $15! Expect a review in the near future!

In other news, I’m currently on Episode 17 of “His and Her Circumstances” entitled “His Return”. So far, this show is just as good as I remember it being the last time I watched it about a year ago. It’s also very frustrating as I know how it “ends”, and it had so much potential. In any case, this particular episode heralds the return of Soichiro Arima after he left for the National Kendo tournament. I love how this episode focuses on Yukino’s emotions and feelings for the first half, and then, suddenly, there’s Arima and now she has to confront these feelings and express them. In some weird sort of way, this is a two-part episode with episode 18 “Progress” being told from Arima’s point of view. In any case, there are nine more episodes remaining with the review to follow. How will “Kare Kano” fair? Keep reading to find out!


2 thoughts on “New Additions to the Anime Bayou and an Update on “His and Her Circumstances”

  1. I am so late on this. Congrats on the Nekomimi Mode! Not too shabby a series. Downright trippiest OP I’ve ever seen. Ever.

    Is there going to be a comparison between the Kare Kano anime and manga? That would be pretty cool, since I know they’re pretty darn different!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Doesn’t matter to me if its late or not! Yes, Moonshine opening sequence is a little tripped…but according to my info, the whole thing is a pun on the word “Tsuki” or “moon”. Each incident or object focused on has “Tsuki” somewhere in its name. Already this show has earned creativity points!

      As for “Kare Kano”, while it would be nice to do an intents comparison, the review will focus mostly on the anime version. I might do a comparison review later down the road though!

      Once again, thanks so much for your feedback!

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