New Things on the Horizon and an Update on “His and Her Circumstances”

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you all a listing of some new features that I will be rolling out here on “The Cajun Samurai” over the next couple days. See that top bar up there with “Home” and “About” on it? Well, expect more information up there as I will be adding some new pages to the blog to enhance your enjoyment and cure my boredom!

“Blogroll” – Yup, I will be adding a blog roll which will include some of my favorite anime-related blogs, and friends of “The Cajun Samurai”. If you would like for me to add your blog to the list, please leave a comment below. Though it’s not required, I would appreciate it if you would share and share alike by adding “The Cajun Samurai” to your links list if you have one.

“My Collection” – Self explanatory, no? This will be a list of all the anime series I have seen and plan to review. Each one will be marked either “Owned”, “Borrowed” or “Other” signifying its status in my collection; either I “own” the series, “Borrowed” the series from the library, or have seen the show by some “Other” means. Also, each series will have a link to it’s individual review for convience sake.

“Awards” – Pretty much, this will be a “Hall of Fame” for the “Drew Threw it to You” award winners. I might also institute new blog awards, but I’ll have to think it out a bit more…

“Watching Now” – This will be an updated log showing what episode of whatever show I’m watching for review! That way, I can keep you guys updated on where I am in a series and by that, you can probably gauge when a review is coming!

And that’s about it! I know there’s more in my head idea-wise as to where I want to take this blog, but for now, I think this is a pretty good starting point!

Since I’m here, I may as well do an update on my viewing of “His and Her Circumstances”. At present, I’m currently on Volume Two, and so far, I’m finding myself falling in love with this series all over again. I am still in disbelief that the same person who made this upbeat teenage romantic comedy based off a girls comic also created the mental freak show that is “End of Evangelion”. What would possess Hideaki Anno to work on a project like this is beyond me, but, bless him, he did it, and he did a decent job of it…so far. I look forward to revisiting this world as the episodes go on.


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