An Evangelion Thanksgiving

For a series that is sixteen years old, “Evangelion” has spawned many different products in its lifetime. From clothing and cars to headphones and hotel rooms, the brand of “Evangelion” can be found in many different places, with rabid fans not too far behind. Since it’s Thanksgiving, I thought I would take you through a few of my favorite food-related Evangelion products found after doing a lot of Internet surfing.

Evangelion Chopsticks: These I just discovered recently. Apparently, they’re actual chopsticks that came about when the “Revival of Evangelon” movies were in production. Not only are they functional plastic chopsticks with entry plugs on the ends, but they also contain miniature versions of either Rei, Shinji, Asuka or the new girl Mari inside the plug. Talk about attention to detail. These things are so special, I feel like I would only eat with them on special occassions…like when Hideaki Anno comes to dinner…

Lilith Plates and Silverware: Okay, this is downright disturbing. This came to my attention a few years ago, and I’m still a little freaked about it. As you can see, this is a Lilith plate, [the giant pinned to the cross in the TV show and movies] complete with dangling Rei legs and silverware, one of which is in the shape of the Lance of Longinus. Umm…I hate having people stare at me while I’m eating, so I just KNOW I’m not going to like seven eyes staring back at me. And, I’m sorry, I don’t care how artistic it’s supposed to be, when I’m eating Filet minion, I would rather NOT have a bunch of dangling legs kicking out at me.

UCC Coffee: Now, I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but even I would be ready and willing to give these guys a try. UCC Coffee [UCC Standing for “Ueshima Coffee Company”] first appeared in “The End of Evangelion” as Misato’s go-to beverage prior to being attacked by the JSSDF. Since then, UCC Coffee has situated itself into the Evangelion world, being seen and consumed just about everywhere. Rumor has it that Tang even tried to get in on the action, but for some reason, it didn’t sell all that well… [Just kidding…]

Yes, even warriors fighting for all of mankind get the munchies too. Doritos got in on the “Evangelion” bandwagon and released several limited edition bags featuring the Evangelion characters. In turn, Gainax used Doritos in the “Evangelion” movies. Maybe I’m crazy, but the Doritos bag kinda reminds me of the plug suit colors for the pilots; white for Rei, blue for Shinji, and red for Asuka. Maybe the orange represents LCL, and maybe I need to go to bed because I’m getting delusional…

Evangelion Ramen: Remember that scene in Episode Twelve of the series when Shinji, Asuka and Rei grub on ramen after their battle with Sahaquiel? One wonders if this wasn’t the inspiration for this special line of Ramen released for “Evangelion 2.0”? One also wonders if the ramen with Rei on the cover is a vegetarian brand?

Evangelion Cake with Model:
What better way to finish off your meal of Doritos, ramen, milk coffee and meat eaten off the body of a crucified entity than with some cake? But not just any cake, oh no, this cake is an Angel Cake, and it comes complete with a model Asuka and progressive knife. The funniest thing about this whole arrangement of knife, model and cake is the fact that the knife is not made to cut the cake. SERIOUSLY! So you basically are buying an Asuka model, a chocolate Angel cake, and a knife that can’t cut. Cruel Angel Thesis indeed…

And so, there you have it! Some of my favorite Evangelion food related products, and here’s hoping that none of these wind up on YOUR dinner plate come Thanksgiving time! I’m going to take advantage of my vacation downtime by writing up the review for “Evangelion 2.0” which I will hopefully have up by the end of the month! In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!


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