Drew Threw it to You Award

Once again, it’s time to award one special person the highest honor known to…well…this blog! It’s time for the second “Drew Threw It To You!” Forgive the delay for posting it, as I had to go into overtime to try to think of who it should go to this time around, much like how the New Orleans Saints did last week against their victory against the Atlanta Falcons. [Neener, neener, neener…]

Drew Brees Throwing the Ball To A Person Made of Win

The Second Award Winner has been in the voice acting game for longer than many people have been alive! [Yours truly included!]

She has given her voice to some of the most popular characters known to anime such as Rei Ayanami from “Neon Genesis Evangelion“, Faye Valentine from “Cowboy Bebop“, female Ranma Saotome from “Ranma 1/2“, Ai Haibara from “Detective Conan“, and Jessie from “Pokemon”!

 She is also an accomplished singer, performing many of the most popular anime theme songs and to date including the ever-popular “Fly Me To The Moon” from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”!

She is a radio personality in Japan with her own radio show!

She writes for a comic based on her own life called “Megumi Toons”!

On top of EVERYTHING ELSE…she’s a freaking Certified Nurse! So not only can she wow you to death, but she is certified to bring your butt back to life and nurse you back to health!

Ladies, Gentlemen and Miscellaneous…The winner of “The Cajun Samurai’s” second ever “Drew Threw It To You Award” is…


Megumi Hayashibara

Congratulations ma’am! May you always intercept the ball of Win and run it into the end zone of Epic! Just don’t celebrate too much…excessive celebration is a 15 yard penalty now…


4 thoughts on “Drew Threw it to You Award

    1. Yup. Sure did. It made a lot of sense in hindsight. I was going to give it to Tiffany Grant, but in the end, it came down to who had more roles in the industry, and Megumi won hands down. Besides…SHES’S A FREAKING CERTIFIED NURSE!

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