Drew Threw It To You Award

Hey guys! After days of contemplating who would be the recipient of the first “Drew Threw It To You” Award [and after having a chance to recover after the Saints last game…how the heck do you lose to a team that’s 0-6?!] I finally made my decision:

Drew Brees Throwing the Ball To A Person Made of Win

The first award goes to a guy who has been in the game for quite a while. How long is a while? He did the old commercials for “Newtype USA” Magazine!

His Squeaky-Raspy voice has been lent to no less than 98 anime characters in his career, not even counting the incidentals!

This person is an accomplished singer, whose talent can be heard on the for-charity album “Voices for Tolerance”, the American Dub for “Nerima Daikon Brothers” and the American Dub for “Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad”!

He is (now) a non-smoker and has survived an encounter with Kira at an anime convention!

His hair has been every color of the freaking rainbow!

Ladies, Gentlemen and Miscellaneous…The winner of “The Cajun Samurai’s” first ever “Drew Threw It To You Award” is…

Greg Ayres

Congratulations good sir! May you continue to receive the spirals of Win and run them into the endzone of Awesome all the while avoiding the interceptions of Fail!


2 thoughts on “Drew Threw It To You Award

    1. Ha! You got a point there…but it was one of the first things that came to my mind: I had just finished watching a Saints game and I was like, “How can I combine my love of the Who Dat team with my love of anime?” Then it came to me!

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