Drew Threw It To You and an Update on “Mushi-Shi”

What do New Orleans Quarterback Drew Brees and Japanese Animation have in common? Not much right? WRONG! WRONG, I SAY! They’re both a part of a new “award” I’m creating for “The Cajun Samurai” called “Drew Threw it To You!” Every so often, I’ll highlight a special person in the world of anime, either a voice actor, director, producer, or maybe even a character from an anime that rocks so hard that if Drew Brees threw a spiral to this person on 3rd down, they would not only convert, but they run it all the way to the end zone simply on the power of their own awesomeness! Please note that the choices I pick are pretty much random and may not reflect the current anime that I’m the process of reviewing.

Oh, speaking of reviewing, I’m still watching “Mushi-Shi” and am currently on episode fourteen, “Inside The Cage” [or, if you ask the right fangirls, the one that he-who-must-not-be-named is in]. I now want to live in a bamboo forest. Granted internet access might be lacking, but darn it, I want to live there! But that’s beside the point. Overall, I’m really enjoying “Mushi-Shi”. The story is nice and easy, and it feels as though you’re on the voyage with Ginko as he goes from town to town helping those in need. Speaking of the green-eyed one, Ginko is by far one of my favorite characters of all time. He’s intelligent without being obnoxious, and he has an underlying sense of humor that doesn’t make him seem too stoic. While on the subject of humor, one thing the viewer must note is that “Mushi-Shi” is not really for those who are looking for laughs. It has very light “wink-wink” humor, but nothing that’s bust out loud funny unless you have some sort of weird sense of what is funny.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to writing up the final review for “Mushi-Shi” and maybe assigning my first “Drew Threw It To You” award this week! Until next time, see you on the flip-side!


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