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Cajun Samurai’s Top Five Anime Opening Themes (The Long-Winded Version)

Hey guys, Samurai here! And yes, I know I stopped abruptly with my countdown of the best of 2014, but I have something to make up for it! My friend Charles over at “Beneath The Tangles” asked me of all people if I would mind doing a Top-5 Countdown of my favorite anime openings. Why he picked me, a guy who hasn’t updated his own blog in months, is beyond me, but I’m always willing to lend a hand. However, the first draft of my article was PRODIGIOUSLY long-winded and I had to cut a lot out. But, Charles, in his infinite wisdom, came up with the idea for me to post my long version on my blog, and link back to the truncated version on his blog–bringing our two blogs together in a beautiful otaku bridge of awesomeness paved with moe and floppy socks. Yeah, I’m weird. Anyway, here’s my top 5 anime OP’s! Continue reading

Monty Oum — 1981-2015

2015-02-02 23.19.17Hey guys, Samurai here, and I have some solemn news for you. News broke earlier today that Monty Oum, the creator of, among other things, the ground breaking animated series RWBY, passed away due to medical complications at the age of thirty-three.

Admittedly, and somewhat embarrassingly, I only became acquainted with Mr. Oum’s most recent works in the last year, having picked up RWBY in Walmart on a whim. However, it was a whim that was worth acting on as RWBY turned out to be one of the best animated shows I’ve come across in quite a long time. Heaven knows I didn’t understand all of what was going on in this series (still don’t really…blame my short intention span), but dawg gone it, I enjoyed the ride and the characters that took me on it. There will truly never be another show like it, and there will never be another creative magician like Monty Oum. Heaven only knows what other amazing projects he had up his sleeve, and the anime community is a somewhat darker place today with his death.

Rest in Peace, good sir. Rest in peace knowing that your works will continued to be enjoyed by millions.


The Best of 2014: “Best Anime Opening Theme”

Samurai here once again guys! I only got about 20 minutes until 2015 hits, so lets see if we can get this slammed out! Coming up next is the Best Anime Opening Theme of 2014! An opening theme can either help or hurt your anime, and this year, we’ve had more of the former than the later! But only two shows made me take notice! What shows did I pick? Well, click on to find out!  Continue reading


The Best of 2014: “Best Female Voice Actress – English”

And we’ve finally reached the end! Best Female Voice Actress in English of 2014! I really wanted to get these out and done before Midnight and it looks like I might just make it! I’m gonna do something a little different this year with the winner of Best Female Voice Actress of 2014. You’ll see what I mean after the break!  Continue reading


The Best of 2014: “Best Female Voice Actress – Japanese”

Samurai here once again folks! We’re coming down to the wire! 2015 will hit Louisiana in about 50 minutes as of this printing so let’s hammer out these last few awards so I can go to bed! Coming up next, we have the Best Female Voice Actress in Japan from the year that was 2014! Again, quite a few contenders, but only two stood out from the crowd! Let’s take a look!

Continue reading