Adventure 03p1

Adventure 03 Update

Greetings all, I’d be remiss in my duties if I did not share what I knew.

Adventure 03p1

After a month of playing a tedious game the people of the internet (including myself) came together and was awarded the above screenshot. I’d like to first thank everyone that made that possible. Now let’s begin analysis. Frankly it’s absolutely nothing. The silhouette is clearly Yagami Taichi. The text is clear enough but the English translation they gave leaves out it was indeed Hikari telling Taichi to have a nice day. Other then that. We got nothing other then… WE get to play the game again! YAYYYY.

Stay tuned for more.


My Experience at MechaCon X – AKA “Otaku Mardi Gras”

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Samurai here guys! How’s it going? Well, Saturday was prodigiously interesting for me and two of my best friends. After a long week of work schedule changes, family illness, and just overall exhaustion, we decided that we all needed to … Continue reading

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A Review of “Toradora!” English Dub

Hey guys, Samurai here! About three years ago, I reviewed the wildly popular romantic comedy anime Toradora. If you recall, I gave this anime a very high grade, hailing it as being one of the greatest anime of our time. I also lamented the fact that there was no official North America release in the works, even though it was very popular in the fan community, and remains so to this day. Well, fast forward three years, and it looks as though someone finally listened, as Toradora not only got a North America release on DVD and Blu-Ray, but it’s also been dubbed. Does the dub enhance or degrade the awesomeness that is Toradora?  Let’s find out after the break.
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Breaking News — “Digimon Adventure” Sequel Coming This Spring

The Principal Cast of "Digimon Adventure" (Digimon: Digital Monsters in the US)Hey guys, Samurai here with some breaking news. As you can see, today is August 1st; Odabia Memorial Day. It’s been 15 years since seven young kids went to camp for the summer and wound up living in a digital land, where everyone got to meet their own digi-monster; a digital companion, a digital friend–oops. Sorry. The song is catchy, though. But yeah, it’s been 15 years since Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe and TK were flung into the Digital World and we, the attentive viewer was flung into the world of Digimon; a world that consists of six series, eight movies, countless video games, and Lord only knows how many fan-fiction stories…mine included. Well, according to Anime News Network, we can add one more series to the growing Digi-Verse…and if you’re a fan of the classic team, then you’re gonna want to stick around after the break
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First Thoughts: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal

Well I just got done with Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1. You know that Reboot Toei has been screwing with us with for the last two years!

A LOT of hype and nostalgia  went into this all around and I’m hoping I can give an outlook that’s a bit fair. So, let’s begin.

The Good

  • Voice acting in general. Having the original Sailor Moon come back and we know the character is gonna be done right was a proper move. Furthermore, I myself, and others on the net do approve of the new Luna. She did quite well.
  • The Adaptation. Coming from the manga source it did a reasonably good job with things as of the first chapter or two at least.
  • The ED, the whole sequence was nice and well done!

The Not-so-Good

  • Character designs. It’s like they stole the legs and JUST the legs from CLAMP.
  • The Transformation. Ladies and gentleman that is one of the most important pieces. Toei knows a little bit about CG, but it does not show here. That transformation was clunky, made Usagi look like a doll. It was overall static. No emotion in her face and overall a let down. Let’s not forget the music which sounds like they grabbed off of Precure. A bad showing in one of the most important parts of the whole series.
  • The OP. Generic painfully generic and absolutely nothing compared to the Legendary Moonlight Densetsu.

So there you have it, it wasn’t an utter failure all around but, they screwed up some extremely important key points that they can’t even fix. Oh well, next time (in 2 weeks). My favorite lady makes her debut. I pray they didn’t screw her up.